We are The Written Apocalypse®, A group of authors who all write Post-Apocalyptic, prepper or survival fiction [even some nonfiction]. Who Are the members of the Crew?

DJ Cooper ☆ NA Broadley ☆ Jeff Motes ☆ Derek Shupert ☆ Marcus Richardson ☆ Millie Copper ☆ D. Stalter ☆ DA Carey ☆ Justin Bell ☆ Nicole Adrienne ☆ A. P. Texan

The group is a reader/preparedness group where we discuss the author’s writings, preparedness topics, hang out, meet friends, chit chat, have a cuppa and/or sippa something good, and generally hang out with the authors. You can find out about the author’s upcoming projects, new releases, gifts, games, and sales. Sign up for the newsletter and get a chance to win prizes. https://sendfox.com/lp/mnolqx Written Apocalypse® is part of the network of genre groups wholly owned and operated Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC, a registered corporation in the state of NH. Find out more at https://angryeaglepublishing.com.

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